Inspiration does exist, but it has to find you working

Pablo Picasso

Work in Progress

Knitting, crochet, sewing, soap making, embroidery, bobbin lace, wood carving, needle felting, wet felting,... I post pictures of the projects I am working on in Instagram. Follow me!
These are the latests WIP pictures:

About Me

I've always loved crafting. Since I was young, my mother taught me every craft she knew. And I've always been surrounded by grandmothers and siblings doing amazing pieces by knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering... how could you not feel comfortable working with your hands?

With this website I want to share with you what I'm making right now, what I'm learning, how I apply it, who taught me,... and inspire you to create, learn and try new amazing things! I'm pretty sure that I will not get lack of content, as I always have something to craft in my hands, because "the muse may inspire you, but she must find you working"!