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Whatever you do, enjoy it!

Friday 29 th November 2013

I've always loved crafting. Since I was young, my mother taught me every craft she knows. And I've always been surrounded by grandmothers and siblings doing amazing pieces by knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering... how could you not to feel comfortable working with your hands?

Big Smile with DodoOne of my most cherished memories is from when I was 5 or 6 years old. It was my mother's birthday and my brother wanted to make a very special gift made by us: a lamp made from a champaigne bottle.

ConcentratedObviously he did all the work and I only assisted him with the tools and the merit. Being sincere, the lamp was not very pretty and I do not have anything to be proud about. Why then is this memory so special for me? Because I enjoyed a lot this day.

I've been crafting in every discipline since I was young. I do not limit myself: if there is something I don't know how to do, I learn it! And I'm not ashamed to say that I am not good at several crafts. But I try it, I insist, I want to improve... some skills will do and some will never improve. But there is only one reason that makes me give up: when I not enjoy what I'm doing.

Concentrated with dodoRecently I've been assisting to a cartonage workshop in Taller Cyan in Barcelona. The teacher usually took pictures of us while we were working. And I realised how much I enjoy working with my hands thanks to these pictures: I am always smiling, or concentrated in a kind of mystic creative flow (in fact, most of the time I do not remember to be there when she took us the pictures!).

I realised that the best part of crafting is not the result, the object, or the admiration for a well-done work. The best part of crafting (and everything in life!) is to enjoy it.

So, in summary: do wathever you want, but enjoy it!

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